Kalan Chronicles 




 The End of Heroes
Winner of the Arizona Authors Association Award for Best Unpublished Novel of 2004

The Stone of Zoral


War of the Merranai

   Novels also available on e-reader formats!
          Malthus Kierin always dreamed of adventuring, of making his mark upon the world of Kalan.
                     After he earns his robe and staff, rewards for passing the tests required
                                  to become a wizard, the door to his dreams stands open.

                    But a nightmare awaits him on the other side, a black-hearted wizard who,
               along with his vile undead minions, systematically assassinates all of Kalan's heroes,
                                                        then hunts Malthus down.

                        Malthus and his small band of companions flee on a seemingly hopeless
             quest for aid.  Who now will become heroes? Or will Kalan fall in an age of darkness?

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FUTURE APPEARANCES:   Check back soon - a new trilogy is on its way!                                                       

                            Thank you to everyone that stopped at my booth at Gencon and
the Tucson Festival of Books -
it was great to meet you!
                                            Thanks also to Tami Slattery, her staff,
                                         and the students at McKemy Middle School,
      to Angela Herbst and the students at Shaw Montessori, to the students at Fees Middle                                                     School, and to Stephanie Merrill, her staff,
                                 the students, and the Book Club at Payne Jr. High School.
                                I enjoyed speaking with all of you about becoming an author.

              A big thank you to Mike at Samurai Comics, to Richard at Mystery One Bookstore,
                                             and to all of you that came out to see me.

                                    Artwork for the books on display by Copendrag Art.

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