The End of Heroes - Winner of the Arizona Author's Association's Best Unpublished Novel of 2004

What if All the Heroes Died?


Malthus Kierin always dreamed of adventuring, of making his mark upon the world of Kalan. After he earns his robe and staff, rewards for passing the tests required to become a wizard, the door to his dreams stands open.

But a nightmare awaits him on the other side, a black-hearted wizard who, along with his vile undead minions, systematically assassinates all of Kalan's heroes, and then hunts Malthus down.

Malthus and his small band of companions flee on a seemingly hopeless quest for aid. Who now will become heroes? Or will Kalan fall in an age of darkness? 

Latest Updates

Check back soon - a new trilogy is on the way - the first two are written, and the third is in process!